Change Your Life, So You Can Change Theirs. 

The Only ICF Accredited Coaching Program focused on coaching kids, youth and families.

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 The Kids Coaching Connection program invites you to take part in a life-changing experience that will transform your interactions with kids, youth and families forever!  

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What will you will learn? The Kids Coaching Connection Program is based on 5 modules that build off one another—leading you on a deeply transformative journey from the fundamentals to full mastery. 


Set-up the foundation for your kid, youth and family coaching practice. Learn how to create a line of trust between adult and child, how to effectively communicate with different personality styles, and more.


“Discover how to creat a fulfilling experience for the kids, youth and families you are working with. Learn how to help kids and youth tap into their deepest gifts, passions and values.


Discover how to be present and navigate a child's emotional waters. Learn how to properly approach both difficult situations and celebrations in a way that empowers the child and leaves them feeling understood.  


Get the tools to approach a child's world from different perspectives. Learn how to invite kids and youth into different ways of thinking—imparting a more expansive and curious model of thought.


Master all the elements of this program in a practical way. Learn how to bring all of the principles and tools you have aquired during The Kids Coaching Connection Program and apply them within the context of relationships.  

The philosophies/methodologies that are embedded in the Kids Coaching Connection program include:  

★ Child Development and Psychological theories, including: Ainsworth, Bandura, Bowlby, Bruner, Erikson, Kohlberg, Kolb, Kuhn, Maslow, Piaget, Rogers, Vygotsky, Jung and more ★ Positive Psychology ★ Emotional Intelligence ★ Multiple Intelligences ★ Social Intelligence ★ Neuroscience ★ Neuro Linguistic Programming ★ Ontology ★ Quantum Physics ★ Metaphysics ★ Systems Theory ★ Family Systems Theory ★ Constellation Systems Theory ★ Process Work ★ Alternative Dispute Resolution ★ Other different modalities and theories

Discover the tools and specialized skills needed to impact your ability to connect more powerfully with kids, youth and families.  

Rooted in emotional and social intelligence theory, the Kids Coaching Connection program model focusses uniquely on both the mind and the heart.  

These breakthrough techniques will engage you in hands-on, experiential training that will prepare you to support the kids, youth and families in your personal and professional community. 



  JOIN US on this life-changing journey and be a part of the next wave of powerful, aligned, and heart-led coaches paving the way for our kids, youth and families.  

The advantage of the Summer Institute Program is that by the end of the summer, you will have completed the Award-Winning ICF ACSTH Kids Coaching Connection Coach Training Program so you can coach the kids, youth and families in your personal and professional community.

Summer Institute 

July 22nd to 26th 

Divine Elementals and Divine Design

August 19th to 24th  

 Divine Possibilities, Divine Expressions & Divine Connections  

10 am to 6pm The Only Award Winning ICF Accredited Coaching Program focused on coaching kids, youth and families.


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